Caylee Anthony

Trance Channeled/Psychic Impression

My friend and co-host for the former Psychic Buzz radio show, Sheri Donica, researched this information back in 2008 for my Psychic Buzz radio show. Here is her statement.

This past week you called me because your sister had been after you to look at the little girl who went missing in Orlando, Florida in July, Caylee Anthony. You shared some information you were getting and you wanted me to check it out online and see if I could verify anything. You asked me not to tell you anything, just to verify. We spent a couple days on this because the info you were telling me wasn’t well-known “news” things. I had to do quite a bit of research to uncover some of the facts you provided.

One of the most interesting items you were adamant about had to do with the car belonging to the little girl’s mom. You said that it had been abandoned in an attempt to provide an alibi and that the child had been killed on June 23 or 24.

After researching for a couple hours I watched an interview a news person did with a policeman. He said that Casey, the mom of the little girl, said her car broke down hoping it wouldn’t be detected until the smell of the decomposing tissues had time to clear out. He said the car was abandoned on July 26th and that it had been towed away on the 30th.

There was so much more. You mentioned that one of Caylee’s mom’s ex-boyfriends was a policeman. You said that the car was parked and the letter A was a clue to its location. I had to listen to interviews the cops released to verify a lot of what you had said. Everything you said I was able to verify, but it took me hours of research. The A where the car had been abandoned was Amscott Parking Lot. What I think is most important is what is to come. Can you share your predictions with us?

Susan: My sister Robin called wanting me to “look” in and see what I got intuitively about Caylee Marie Anthony, was she alive or dead my sister asked. Robin knows I no longer work on missing person cases because they are so heartbreaking. I do not read the newspaper or watch the news so I knew nothing about this little girl. Against my better judgment, I said “okay” half-hoping I wouldn’t get any information.
My Grandma who passed into her new life a good number of years ago is trying to tell me something about Caylee. I know this because my Grandmother has only visited me once since she died. This is her second visit. In my mind, I hear Grandma sing Babes in the Wood, a sad song I cried through as a child. During this song, something clicked and I opened to Caylee’s energy, and I know her physical body is not alive but her beautiful spirit shines brightly.
As the bits and pieces of information I scribbled down with pen and paper flowed in, my electrical window fan turned itself off and on again not once but five times. Pulling the plug on the fan, I continued to piece together what I had received.
Caylee is not alive and she is not in a different country. Her passing was on June 23 or 24, 2008 or that is when the mother disposed of the body. The death was not a planned action but was brought about by the mother. The mother is lying. I know Caylee is not on the property. They put her in the trunk of the car and took her somewhere. They is two people a woman and a man. I asked if they had taken the body out of state. Not out of state and I got a number 2, which could be two hours away or 2 hours round trip, or two miles or blocks from home.

I see an orange. Is she buried in an orange orchard? The words Orange County floats into my mind, which to me means LA and Orange Trees, and being a Southern California girl, this is symbolic to me of So. California but somehow this connects to the little girl. Could she be in LA area? NO. I called my sister, Robin, and asked her where the little girl lived as Robin has stayed abreast of this case. I found out the little girl lived in Florida. I called and asked my cohost Sher to research Orange, Orange County, and she came back with the information Orange City.

Feels like the mother drove to dispose of the body and drove back either close to the airport or a mall (large parking area) and left her car there as an alibi. Created an Alibi? Where was the car located? “A” word Sher researched this and the car was left at Amscott, which is by the airport.
I see a wooded area but it is not the wooded area the police have searched they need to go deeper in and soon before the body is completely covered in water and before, the animals scatter her bones.

Sexual? Mother or child? I feel Caylee was sexually abused the day she died and numerous times during her short life.
Was the child drugged? Yes.

I wasn’t getting very much information that would help the police. I have not seen exactly where she is located and that is my problem.
When I decided to “look” into this case, I knew I needed to bring the child’s energy through. I wanted to find her physical body. I didn’t stop to think that she was only two years old and very scared and unhappy. I called Sheri Donica and Rob took me into a deep trance state to bring in the spirit energy of Caylee. In hindsight, we should have recorded this session as it clearly shows how the person doing the trance medium work is completely taken over by the spirit, very much like deep trance channelling. Amazingly, the messages I got were from the little girl herself.

Dressed in shorts and a top, Caylee called and sobbed for her grandma and grandpa wondering why they were ignoring her. She wanted her favorite stuffed toy. She loved her room and special toys at her grandparents’ house. She loved her grandpa, grandma and her mother. Caylee loved the pool, this was a happy memory for her and there was no death experience with it, which is how I know she did not drown. As the child was communicating with me, I physically felt the pull of the duct tape taped over her mouth and nose. As well as the woozy sleepy feeling and the harsh burning of the throat, eyes and nose from the chloroform. The suffocation process of the death experience did not take long. Now, Caylee is showing Susan through Caylee death experience, her mother and a man put her in a blanket, place her in a plastic bag, carrying her to the car, and placing her in the trunk. Caylee remembers the dark trunk/closet, and even though she has physically died she is crying and very fearful Rob Norgren, my husband, sooths the toddler and tells her she is going home now and when she gets home, all her favorite toys will be waiting for her, and people she loves are waiting for her. Willingly she takes Rob’s hand for her trip “home”.

When I came back into my consciousness of Susan, I felt very sick to my stomach and absolutely drained. My throat hurt and my eyes were burning as if I had been crying a lot. Come to find out I HAD been. Because this child was only two, she gave us her information from a two year olds viewpoint. We did get some good information and with the information, I had gathered intuitively earlier, we were able to put the bits and pieces of information together to make a very plausible and realistic intuitive guess as to where some of her remains are located.

I know babies are taken care of, and helped immediately, by the workers on the other side. I am sure Caylee was surrounded by her angels and guides as her conscious mind could not absorb the hell she was put through. It is my understanding that this is done to lessen trauma for the little soul being murdered. I want to believe that in the worse way, my heart would break if I didn’t!

My logic always does me in, it says, maybe you are sending these people on a wild goose chase. I guess sometimes, you have to believe in what you get and act on it. Yet another reason I do not like to do these cases. I am still waiting for a call from the deputy on the case. Maybe, this time the authorities will investigate my information. I sure am praying that little Caylee gets justice. But she won’t, not in this life anyway.